Hello! My name is Oscar and people think I am awesome.

A little bit about me

This was almost a year ago, winter was around the corner¬† – I remember it was cloudy that day, I sensed it would probably rain soon, I was out, as usual, looking for food and shelter for the day – I was later told I was only two months old. I saw a few people making their way through the forest – Tourist, I thought, somehow I was not scared of them, I ran up to them and told them I will show them the best picnic spot, in return for some food of-course – I doubt, they understood anything, I didn’t speak “Humans” back then.


They looked like an odd bunch of people, like someone put them together for an experiment or something, anyways I showed them the way to my favorite spot by the river – They were very happy and gave me some food – I decided to stick around for a while, although it was getting dark and I probably needed to find a place to hide before the sky broke but I started liking them – I mean, who decides to do a picnic on a day like this – The tall one was running around with a camera trying to take a picture (I did not know what a camera was then, I am told its very expensive) – The sky broke down soon as I knew it would, I took them to my hiding spot under the big brown tree but the tall one was missing, Boy! that one is very restless, I went looking for him and after a while I found him by the river, I took him back to where I have gathered the rest of the people, we stood there for a while till the rain stopped, huddled together, kept each other warm – The rain stopped soon and we all ran to the car (what is a car ? boy! that is a story for another day).


By the time we reached to where the car was standing I have decided to adopt them, they needed my help I thought – I knew the brown haired women was the leader, so I told her that I would like to adopt them, not surprisingly she agreed – I mean, I was really cute back then. We hopped in the car, I sat on the tall one’s lap and we rode down into the evening – That is how it all began.

I love my blue ball – I sleep with it every day so that the tall one doesn’t steal it, he likes it too. I call him “Bob”, Bob keeps me company when the tall one and the brown haired women are busy (They are always working, I told you, they need help)

I also love stuff made of wool, like my beautiful hand stitched sock here but the tall one says its his and I am not allowed to touch it, I mean really ? Dogs dont have much right in the Human world – Sometimes I forget who adopted who, anyways I think I have said all that was to say about me.


I am old enough now and I am looking for a woman

So if you have a nice, clean and beautiful dog in mind please send an email to the tall one- I would love to hear from you, Oscar out (Yes, I know about Star Trek) – We live in Sochi, Russia.